Skyrim BLOODSKAL Blade, Zahkrisos Mask, Ancient Nordic Pickaxe & Dragon Aspect Shout Location Guide!

Skyrim Special Edition: Bloodskal Blade, Zahkrisos Dragon Priest Mask, Ancient Nordic Pickaxe & Dragon Aspect Shout Location!
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  • Paul Snelling

    Lurkers, I Can Easily Say ; Are Pretty Much Defenceless Against My Character, "K'zar" When It Comes To The Blade.(Mostly Defenceless)(K'zar Is A Khajiit Warrior)

  • Lillie S

    I have the Ebbiny blade

  • TheOneTrueCactusGaming

    Just saying u can by ancient Nordic pick axes from the smith in the skaal village that's how I got my first one

  • Beary Cake

    how do you make your own armor like that

  • Michael Sowers

    Thanks I've been trying to open this door for an hour

  • Will Watch

    Just noting that you are also able to mine stalhrim with the notched pickaxe, found in the throat of the world, correct?

  • Paul Snelling

    Zahkriisos Stopped Attacking Me ; So His Lightning Spells Couldn't Save Him, From The Blade.(He Was Still Hostile, Though ; But Was Fighting)(Guessing It's A Glitch (A Good 1, To Be More Specific), That Involves Escaping His Sight ; And Making Him Go To A Part Of The Room)

  • Sophia Lee

    ESO Why can’t you ask a guard to get Crescius? Glover Um, I like to handle things on my own. Me Then why aren’t you asking Crescius for the pick?

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  • Matthew Rios

    ESO Sometimes your an asshole and a dumbass not everyone has the dragonborn dlc

  • H. A. R. D

    I got a question. There was no dragon priest when I went there. Is it based on my level?

  • jack hargreaves

    I brought teldryn with me the dragon preist destroyed him

  • Foxina92 aj

    there's also a black book on the other door D I went there

  • Mark Tui

    A year later. And red eggs

  • Paul Snelling

    I Was In The Same Armor Your In In This Video, When I Got The Blade, And The Dragon Priest's Mask.

  • Troy Crow

    Good vid can you do more

  • Dan Fan

    Do a guide on how to take a dragon i subscribed

  • Pokemon Master10

    I only need the nordic picaxe

  • Minefan 67

    There was a easy way to mine that, keep hitting it with your pickaxed to get a item faster.

  • Da Best In Da Business

    Can someone mod that mask to make it look like Kabal?

  • K BS

    I love the bloodskael blade

  • Thebestgamer 66

    He is using the ebony blade just so you know

  • do you see me? well, you can't cuz i can't see you

    Damn that deformed scrotum has some power to marry that Dark Elf.

  • AJ 7232

    You missed a big chest where all of the Drougr scourge’s were ambushing you

  • Kermits channel

    Was it worth it no😂😂

  • An Expired Milk

    2808 I accidentally killed Teldryn like that once 😂😂

  • April Bagwell

    Dragon aspect is in the dragonborn dlc main storyline

  • ObourSlushious Slushies

    what mod does he use to make his lighting that good

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