Skyrim: Dawnguard Walkthrough in 1080p, Part 1: Discovering Fort Dawnguard (in 1080p HD)

Part 1: Learning about the Dawnguard, and Exploring The Rift (Quest: Dawnguard)

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Finally, Skyrim's first DLC pack has arrived!! This video continues exactly where I left off in my main walkthrough, Episode 176. Simply continue with this video! I travel to Whiterun and hear some rumors about vampire hunters. I get sent over to Riften to investigate.

Greetings, all people that in Tamriel do dwell... We now find ourselves in the province of Skyrim! This is a full walkthrough of the entire game, covering every main quest, side quest, and primary location in Skyrim. Subscribe to follow along as I uncover the best secrets in all nine Holds, andO watch all 400 videos in dazzling 1080p HD, recorded on my PC.

Quests started in this video:

TES V: Skyrim: Dawnguard Playlist:

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  • Guan Kzmm

    Where does this begin in relation to his main game videos. Please respond

  • mr don't give a fuck

    the rift has a bear problem though

  • Emperorwolf 999

    "heres general tullius"*pile of ashes*jezus what'd you do to him? show him what's under j'zargo's robes?sorry not sorry

  • Anigame

    So, I tried out becoming part of the dawnguard, but, the first guy you see, after he starts talking to me he attacks me, and now I can't even become part of the dawnguard because they all think I'm an enemy. Any help?

  • Romeo Nig nig

    I got all dlc for free lol I'm lucky

  • tsicani cassanova

    you sound like ray romano

  • Aftermath Of GAMING

    Whta mod allows you to see the roads on your map

  • duchthepitbull

    where did you get the armor for the hores pls respond

  • Tariq Anderson-Erskine

    How dare you join the stormcloaks you rebel skum but animate I'm kidding even though the stormcloaks are rebel basterds

  • Kai Kai

    so if you join stormcloak and kill general, will the high queen die or go somewhere else?

  • Soviet Onion

    whats the name of that inventory mod pls?

  • AaronPlayzGames

    Do u have to do the sival war quest line first

  • WR3ND

    Like in Oblivion, I wait until I have everything else done before doing the main story quest tree. I'm here because I need the Dragon Bone near the Soul Cairn to make a shrine of Talos to add to my Hearthfire home to sate my OCD tendencies. I'll probably disable the Dawngaurd DLC again after that so that town vendors and other NPCs don't keep getting killed. Pretty annoying when you play a game and a vendor you never met dies before you even meet them and other side quests are erased from existence. My advice Never start a fresh game with the Dawnguard DLC enabled!

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