Top 8 Best One Handed Daggers In The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Remastered #PumaCounts

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Hey guys, back with another Skyrim video and today I will be going over what I think are some of the best One Handed Daggers in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim Remastered Special Edition. Daggers are really great for stealth and would be exceptional on sneak based characters. So I think the 8 daggers you're going to see here are pretty hard to beat and they should be the only daggers you will ever need and are among some of the best daggers in the game.

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  • Coca Loca

    Bruh!! Keening deserved at least an honorable mention !! 10 health, magicka and stamina without the enchantment running out ? come on !!

  • Selena Gamya

    "One handed daggers" huh? I wasn't aware that two handed daggers existed! I mean, what reason would you have to specify that you're talking about one handed daggers other than there being some alternative?Dumbass.

  • Rhetorical Paradox

    Lol. Your build is dual wielding daggered entire hold mass murdering psychopath. Nice 🤣

  • Mario Saucedo

    For 5 seconds, 522 , 527 he is Luke Skywalker

  • Capta1nAsh

    Mehrunes razor is confusingly overrated to me, why have a low chance instant kill when you can use a stronger dagger mixed with the high sneak and shroud gloves?I’m guessing that this is a novelty for people who use daggers without sneak

  • Joshua Kemmett

    ALL daggers are one-handed

  • Ibrahim Deniz

    My buildNord Vampire Lord.Warrior turned Lord.Weapons mainly used are Blade of Woe and Orcish sword of lightning.Armour is mainly dark brotherhoodroyal vampire armour and mage mask.

  • Corwin Oberwemmer

    I dont care about weight, I care about damage.

  • qtUnicorn

    Keening!!! You forgot Keening!!

  • AncientAbilities

    Why was keening not here

  • Milokiss82

    Wait are there two handed daggers?

  • Your Nan

    I ain't watched this yet but keening better be on it

  • Maroš Varga

    Title Top 8 One Handed DaggersMe Hmph. I've seen better types of daggers. Kills someone with a Two-Handed DaggerEdit I haven't seen any comments before commenting so sorry if you had the same comment

  • Bandi

    rope playing in the skyrim LMAO

  • jessi riesbeck

    Ah, a video that I, as a person who almost always uses daggers when playing, finds very useful, lovely.

  • OmegaMan 87272

    Daggers are only one handed so the title of the video is redundant but whatever.

  • EveryDaySlacker

    What's this about certain weapons being in certain hands? I feel I've been playing skyrim wrong. Lol

  • I am Nobody

    Those are for sneak and dual wielding with other weapons.Not for combat itself.

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